Tahr hunting with Frazer Safaris in New Zealand

Great Himalayan Tahr hunting in New Zealand. Saw many trophy size and nannies/kids every day. On the third day after about a 1 hour stalk which seemed nearly straight uphill, I was able to connect on this nice mature bull at 165 yards with the Bone Collector Muzzleloader. One shot brought him to a stop.

Scouting up on one of the mountains accessible by vehicle.

Looking back toward the East.

Landing Zone near the top of the mountain

Landing zone looking back where we stalked up the mountainside

From the mountain looking back to where we started the stalk, notice the little pink arrow at the bottom pointing to the vehicle!

Bone Collector Muzzleloader - Left 12 7/8" Right 12 4/8 both 8" bases Green Score

Great condition with terrific mane and long hair.

Back down at the bottom looking up. Pink arrow shows the location I was able to shoot from by the outccropping of rock. Tahr was in the little bowl to the left.

Backside of the lodge from behind the heliport

Great place to spend a week