Alaska Hunting with Bearfoot Adventures

Caribou taken near Denali National Refuge with Bone Collector Muzzleloader August 21, 2013
Scored SCI October 20th at 418 1/8 and is now Top Ten #4
Boone and Crockett score is 407 6/8 and makes All-Time Award Level!

SCI Score Sheet    Boone and Crockett Score Sheet

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Antlers with Yuengling Beer
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Flying out the meat and Antlers on Super Cub
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Meat and peeled antlers
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Incredible Alaska Mountains
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Mountain Goat - Kodiak Island - October 7, 2011
Safari Club International #7 - scored at 29 3/8"
Taken with Bone Collector Muzzleloader

Trophy Hunter Magazine article Fall 2012
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Awarded 2nd Muzzleloader in Reno at SCI Convention. Jan 2012

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goatmountain.jpg (101481 bytes) Full mount on display at Bearfoot Adventures Booth at Sports Show
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Picture taken at Sports Show - Harrisburg, PA
Greg Ritz and Nick
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