Aoudad Hunting in West Texas 
Great hunt with Mike McKinney
West Texas Hunting Organization

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Looking at him through the spotting scope

The X in the top center is roughly where we stalked up to and made the shot. My guide figured it was about 
1700 feet up from the bottom and maybe 850 yards from where he spotted it off the road and where this picture was taken.

This is where he landed

Right up against this prickly cactus!

On the first day of the 3 day hunt. Guide/owner Mike McKinney spotted a small group of Aoudad up near the top of the mountain just down from the rock face near the top as you can see in the image above. There was another group maybe a mile or so west of  this group but it looked like there was about 3 small rams and none quite as nice as this one so we started the stalk to this one.

Parked down inside the fence and slowly hiked up a small cut or canyon up between the two groups about the second one to the left of the X in the above image. Sneaked up and around the back of the mountain and got behind them. Lucky the wind was good and they did not spook. Short story is that we sneaked over the top and peeked down from the top of the rocks. I ended up with about a 75 yard shot.  The ram stood behind a large Yucca plant and I could not get a good shot to his shoulder. Knowing I only had a very small window of opportunity I took a stopper shot and he only took about 4 or 5 yards.. Reloaded and made the final shot with a good neck/shoulder shot and he dropped in his tracks. I think it was about 10:30 AM on the first day of the hunt. 

I definitely recommend this hunt with W.T.H.O and be sure to tell them that I told you about it.