Hawaii Free Range Hunting
Mau Hunting Safari's

I highly recommend this hunt. It is reasonable in cost and I saw more game in a couple hours than I have seen in a lifetime of hunting. Food is terrific and the cabin and accommodations are really nice.

These folks go out of their way to please their clients and are very nice.

Axis Double. First shot at the above buck took out a doe standing behind him that we were unaware she was there. One shot - 2 deer. The doe dropped in her tracks and the buck took maybe two leaps to the side. Both recovered within about 20 feet of each other. The mainbeams are 28 inches long.

This buck will make #9 in the top ten for SCI.  Scores 122 3/8.

There are literally thousands of these goats running around in several colors. Great fun. This goat scores at 59 0/8 which will be #8 Top Ten for SCI.

Hunting is conducted on a private ranch in Southwest Maui.