South Dakota Bison Hunt - Custer State Park

Bison hunting is now a draw hunt through South Dakota  You can get information from the link above.
The bison to be available for the hunt are sorted out at the annual Bison Roundup and held out in a 500 acre pasture as the hunt season begins.

I decided to use my flintlock and was told by Chad Kramer, the herd manager and hunt leader that I was the first one to use a flintlock. You may use pretty much any chosen weapon. There was not much challenge but the eating is terrific and there is a lot of it.


I chose the bison above at the front of the group. 1260 pounds.

With Kurt Guiser. We traveled out there together on a Mule deer hunt.

Bison is lifted with specially equipped truck and cleanly field dressed.

After dressing the bison is lowered into the truck bed for transport.

Taken to the Buffalo Corral for transfer into pick up truck to deliver to processor.

Chad Kramer to my left and his two helper on the sides.