Elk Hunting in the Selway Bitterroot Mountains, Idaho - 2004
I used York Outfitters and had a great hunt. But, since then there has been a change of ownership and what I know of the new operator I would not recommend them as of now.

I hunted from foot after packing out  in a spike camp 5 hours from camp via horseback. Vickie went along too.

Packing up! My guide Joe on the left.

Arriving to spike camp. Vickie is on a little Mule named Festus at the end of the string.

One shot, double lung.

6 X 6 down!

September 14, 2004

With my guide Joe!

Mushroom Rock

Nose Rock?

Had to leave in tree overnight until Mules brought up to pack back down to main camp.


Packing out day, greeted with snow.

Kitchen tent