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Groupphoto.jpg (858426 bytes)
Group Photo

Groupphototext.jpg (685322 bytes)
Group Photo w/ names

vickiebull1.jpg (485559 bytes)
Vickie 1st Bull
vickiebull2.jpg (1479995 bytes)
Vickie 2nd Bull

camp.jpg (1818303 bytes)
Harold LakeCamp

Ptarmigan.jpg (948509 bytes)

haroldmikejohn1.jpg (514433 bytes)
Harold, Mike and John

sardines.jpg (261443 bytes)
Packed in like Sardines!

rainbow.jpg (263142 bytes)
One of the many Rainbows

frostyfeet.jpg (936690 bytes)
Frosty Feet Pee!

harold.jpg (220831 bytes)
Morning Stroll?

caribou.jpg (2446914 bytes)

nickbull.jpg (1084846 bytes)
Nick's Bull

walloffame.jpg (538136 bytes)
Wall of Fame

menu.jpg (61090 bytes)
Menu Board

meat.jpg (872213 bytes)

Picture of Neil in the Library at camp. This is sort of x-rated, so don't click here unless you are prepared. Thanks

antlers.jpg (1492771 bytes)

steaknite.jpg (1303610 bytes)
Steak Night

neildishes.jpg (47648 bytes)

lorrainesteve.jpg (132657 bytes)
Lorraine & Steve
Cook and Guide

rideout.jpg (440704 bytes)
Ride Out

home.jpg (252294 bytes)
Going Home

ronnick.jpg (306285 bytes)
Ron Madison
Largest Typical
Nick Erway
Largest NonTpical

nickaward.jpg (884728 bytes)
Largest NT 2007

Email addresses:

 Nick and Vickie                       John Lovejoy

Neil Shugart                              Mike Budzinski

Harold Hepler                           Steve and Lorraine