The King - A New York State 8 Point
Nov. 5, 2004

I had been hunting this particular deer for several years. My son got a shot at him, I kicked him up several times. Lots of rubbed trees and lots of sign. I finally got him toward the end of the NY season. I was not feeling too good and for the first time brought a pop up blind to sit in to get out of the weather and have a little heat. Also to minimize movement as I had a cold and was sniffling and sneezing.

When I got my chance and shot him with my 12 ga. Ithaca Model 37 slug gun I figured it would be the largest buck I would ever kill. Upon calling my son on a cell phone, he said you got the deer. I said how did you know and he replied "You wouldn't have called me if you didn't".   All I could think of to say was "The King is Dead"!

First shot was a double lunger, second made a track through the hair on his back and the third shot when he came right by my stand was right in the jaw and came out below his ear.

Apparently lost his left eye in battle over the gals.