2006 Quebec Moose Hunt with Marys Lake Outfitters

On the next to the last day I shot this 6 year old bull. Only one seen by anyone in the camp that week

My guide Yvon and his wife Veronica owned this outfitting business the year Vickie and I went and I harvested this nice bull. They have since sold the business but are still involved so that at this time I would recommend this outfitter. They also have great spring bear hunting as I have been told by other hunters although I have never tried it myself.


Lodge at the Lake

My old A-frame camper parked at the lodge

Pulled over to the riverbank and put one antler under a submerged tree while we took the boat for more equipment

Although you can't see it, the moose is being towed behind the boat.

Beached Bull

Tied to the truck it was pulled out of the lake and we gutted and quartered the moose on the beach and loaded it into the truck to drive back to camp.

My guide Yvon and I after the successful return with the bull.

Packed for our return trip to the states. All meat on  the camper for the trip home.