Terrific Yak Hunting in New Mexico 
Great hunt with Monte Fastnacht

March 22, 2015

Lamonts Wild West Buffalo

Gray Nose Bull taken with muzzleloader - One shot!

Large Fluffy Tail

 Nick and Monte Fastnacht

High Mountain Desert south of Santa Fe along the Turquoise Trail

Where we stayed

Looking South

Brought in out of the field to meat pole.

This is without a doubt some of the best meat I have eaten, if not the best.

Great Eating

We spent several hours looking around for some Yak. They are difficult to find amongst the green trees. Ranch is  approximately 12,000 acres and kinda like finding a needle in a haystack. Found several small groups and in the second bunch there was this large Gray nose Bull laying off to the side of a group of females. Took some time to evaluate the bull and Monte decided it was likely the largest bull in the area and doubtful we could do any better so the decision was made to make the stalk.

You can see from the pictures that it was successful. After he stood up and stared at us for several minutes, he started to turn and I let him have it.

Monte and team do everything possible to insure a successful conclusion. 

I definitely recommend this hunt with Lamont's Wild West Buffalo and Yak and be sure to tell them that I told you about it.