Passed at 9 on March 6th, 2016
Fathered 45 puppies as noted below.

February 24th 2016. 11 days before his passing.

Newfoundland Outpost Camp, accessible only by plane.


Yukon was neutered Jan. 2016.
It was suggested at his age and with no upcoming breedings we did this for his future health.

10 chocolate Puppies born April 4-5 2014   6 male, 4 females with Gelati

OFA Certification


National Senior Dock Dog Title

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Regional Master Dock Dog Title

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Yukon at 9 weeks


 6 months


Bumper Training

Muskrat Trapping

February 2009 


Chukar Hunting

This photo is now in the June/July 2011 issue of 
The Retriever Journal 

You may see the page by clicking here


Young Dockdogger at home
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Yukon at 14 weeks uses his nose to find the bumper
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Yukon wins First Place in our first Dock Dog Event 2010

Watch Video by clicking here and allow to load.



Jan 31st, Feb2 and Feb 4th to Gelati

10 Puppies born April 4th and 5th. 2014
6 males - 4 females - All Chocolate.


Jan 19th, 2013 to Kevin Landis's Gelati - 7 Pups born March 22, 13
All Chocolate, 2 males 5 females

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One of the  girls at 3 mos.
June 22

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Here is Addie. One of the female puppies from this litter, looking a lot like dad!
Just under 1 year old.

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Video of Yukon and Hazel called Dogs at Play, by Kevin Landis

Yukon's first babies with Ginger, a Yellow Lab 10
Puppies born January 14, 2010  6 Yellow and 4 Chocolate

Second  Litter with Ginger born Dec. 30 2010.
13 puppies - 7 chocolate and 6 yellow


We bred Yukon to Dixie, a registered yellow lab on Memorial Day 2011.
Assuming she is pregnant, then the pups will be born around the First of August.
Dixies Pedigree (Litter Certificate)

3 Puppies with Dixie September 30, 2011
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This is one of the pups in the basket at 6 months old. Angus)

Two pictures of Yukon and Angus from last litter.
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Feb 20th, 2013, 2013 to Greg Yesko's Dixie

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Two yellow pups April 2013