Quebec Labrador Caribou with Jack Hume Adventures

2013 - Bone Collector Muzzleloader
First Camp Wendell Lake then picked up and flown to Walleys Lake

First Bull - Quebec, Canada Sept. 19, 2013

Second Bull Same day, less than one minute later

Both with Bone Collector Muzzleloader

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Walley Lake Camp

Part of camp with Meat House and Plane

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Snow Geese

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Several days of Snow

Harold Lake Caribou hunt with Jack Hume Adventures 2008
Vickie and I at Harold Lake

vickiebull1.jpg (485559 bytes)
Vickie 1st Bull
vickiebull2.jpg (1479995 bytes)
Vickie 2nd Bull

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Harold LakeCamp

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rideout.jpg (440704 bytes)
Ride Out

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Going Home

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2004 Caribou with Jack Hume Adventures
First at Merville North Camp then flown over to McCabe Camp

1Hotterlandingmervillenorth.jpg (270573 bytes) 1Ncessnaonbeach.jpg (316455 bytes) 2P6firstbullnick.jpg (226437 bytes)
First Bull
2Qbullpeeing.jpg (258977 bytes)
2Xbsecondbull.jpg (434698 bytes) 2Zasecondbullnick.jpg (248383 bytes)
Second Bull
3Ubtwoswimming.jpg (242165 bytes) 5rainbowatairport.jpg (158092 bytes)
largecaribou.jpg (863822 bytes) 3Sbcalf.jpg (239873 bytes)
3Npeeledantlers.jpg (240112 bytes) 1Wblackflies.jpg (336604 bytes)
Black Flies

2003 Drive Up Caribou Winter Hunt
Drove to Nouchimi Camp

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Ice Roads!
P1010006.JPG (223812 bytes)
P1010012.JPG (236998 bytes)
3 of them whole
P1010018.JPG (203021 bytes)
'Bou in road

'Bou running
P1010027.JPG (241371 bytes)
'Bou about to swim River