Now that I am semi retired, I have been able to expand upon my amateur hunting pastime. I have had some luck and a lot of hard work and concentration pays off in the end with some nice trophy's.

Nick Erway, Newport, PA Email

My Appalachian Trail Hike - A book I made using Shutterfly.


7 SCI Top Ten - A #14 trophy's & 2 Boone & Crockett!

Northeast Non-Typical Whitetail - rifle 
High Rank at #4 Gold Medal
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American Mountain Goat - Muzzleloader 
High Rank at #7 Silver Medal
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Rio Grande Turkey

High Rank at #5Gold Medal
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Alaska-Yukon Barren Ground Caribou - Muzzleloader
High Rank at #4 Gold Medal

All-Time Boone and Crockett 

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Free Range Aoudad - 

High Rank at #6 Bronze Medal
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Free Range Axis Deer
High Rank  #9 Bronze Medal

sciplacqueaxis.jpg (62628 bytes)

Free Range Feral Goat - Muzzleloader
High Rank #8 Bronze Medal
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Barren Ground Muskox
Muzzleloader 76 2/8
High Rank #14 Silver Medal

All-Time Boone and Crockett

SCImuskoxcard.jpg (40646 bytes)

Taxidermy by Lee Dobyns - Newport, PA 

Click on the picture below for more information and pictures of these great hunting trips.

Arctic Adventure in the Nunavut Province of Canada for Musk Ox.
April 2, 1017
   Boone and Crockett Score 107 4/8

New Zealand Tahr - taken June 6th, 2016

Brown Bear hunt in Alaska - taken June 22, 2015

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Gray Nose Bull - Yak Hunting in New Mexico March 22. 2015

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Click on picture for more information on this successful Dall Sheep hunt.
Dall Sheep Ram - August 25th, 2014 with Bearfoot Adventures
taken in the Denali area of Alaska
August 25th, 2014

Met Steven Rinella - Sportsman Channel'  "MeatEater" the Great American Sports Show. Feb. 1014
A real nice guy.

I have had 3 articles published. You may read them from the links below.

PA Game News story about my first gobbler May 2000
pagamenewscover.jpg (79561 bytes)

Rack Magazine Article - Nov. 2008

rackmag.jpg (117579 bytes)

Trophy Hunter Magazine article Fall 2012
trophyhuntercoverimage.jpg (116932 bytes)


Click Here to view Yukon

Harold Lake Caribou hunt with Jack Hume Adventures

Shoestring Safari's - West Texas Javalina and Rio Grande Turkey

Video of Javalina 

Video of Rio Grande Gobbler

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My friend Butch Goodwin and Norhernflight Retrievers

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Tahr in New Zealand

June 6, 2016

Free Range Axis Deer - Hawaii
April 2014

Aoudad in West Texas
January 2014

Free Range Feral Goat - Hawaii
April 2014
DIY hunt - Chemung County NY -11/17/2007

Assateague Island Sika Deer
DIY hunt
sika1.jpg (488640 bytes)
Elk - 2004


Turkeys and game birds.

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Mule Deer
DIY hunt
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Alaska Mountain Goat October 2011
Alaska Caribou
August 2013
goodfrontal.jpg (1242201 bytes)
Alaska Dall Sheep Ram
August 25 2014
Click on picture for more information on this successful Dall Sheep hunt.

Alaska Brown Bear hunt in Alaska 
June 22 2015
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The King
DIY hunt
Click here for the story

DIY hunt
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Quebec Labrador Caribou

Gray Nose Bull - Yak 

Quebec Moose
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My friend Rick Lowe and I also use his products.
Click Here to go to Lowe's Whitetail Scents!

Click Here to go to Lowe's Whitetail Scents!
Assorted hunting pics.

2007 opener Tioga County, PA

First Flintlock Deer 12/29/2000

Vickies drowned doe, Tioga County, PA

2 doe shot in late January, Special Regulations area PA.
Temperature was 10 to 15 below zero.
Jan 17, 2009

Running doe with Flintlock at 65 yards. Round ball w/patch

Wisconsin deer with nephew Tenzin Botsford

2006 with Brenden (Scooter) Tioga County, PA

With Michael Waddell - Bone Collector at Sports Show - Harrisburg

With Nick Mundt and T-Bone Turner at sports show - Harrisburg, PA

With Jim and Eva Shockey at Harrisburg Sports Show

With Greg Ritz at Harrisburg Sports Show

2006 Opener, Tioga County PA. Jacobsons Farm 2nd from left is the deer in the picture with Brenden above

Hogs are easier to drag in water. 2009 South Carolina DIY

Vickies first buck, Tioga County, PA 11/27/2001

Deer jaw with upper teeth like an elk.

Texas Jack Rabbit

First Crossbow deer







With The Nuge